Project Description


Photo credits: Leonardo Tagliabue

Giardino pensile con vasca d’acqua

Un piccolo giardino pensile su cui si affacciano due lati dell’abitazione, un giardino healing, da godere anche dall’interno, grazie ad ampie vetrate, o dal deck ombreggiato con gelsi ‘a tetto’. Una lunga vasca d’acqua completa il quadro, vi si accede tramite passerelle che partono, come nastri, dalle porte-finestre.

Roof garden with water feature

The small roof garden, embraced by the house on two sides, becomes a healing garden which could be enjoyed both from inside, through the large windows of the house, both from outside, trough the deck shaded by mulberry trees, trained to form a roof. A long stream of water, which could be reached by walkways that start, like ribbons, from the French windows, completes the picture.