We have been involved in landscape architecture for many years.

Our projects have involved both public and private spaces (gardens, parks, streets, external areas, terraces, traditional swimming pools, natural swimming pools, industrial landscaping, external lighting, traffic moderation, restoration of historical parks, surveys of green areas, tree-stability analysis and phytopathological studies, environmental reclamation, natural engineering and educational activities.

Furthermore, thanks to years of experience, we have expertise in territorial and agri-environmental planning and analysis, tourism evaluation of natural, agricultural and historical areas and the study and reclamation of marginal zones.

We collaborate with many companies and institutions holding courses on ornamental gardening to promote green culture and sensibility towards the environment and landscape.

Studio GPT support the organization of I Maestri del Paesaggio – International Meeting, 2 weeks full of events with the aim of making possible the bringing together of people with landscape culture through an exciting journey with meetings, debates and workshops with the international archistars of landscaping (